Flood Restoration Nelson

"It's only water, how much damage can it do?" Unfortunately the answer to this is "it can cause a lot of damage". We understand the anxiety situations like these can cause, seeing water damage that threatens to ruin the carpet in your home or business can be a very distressing experience.  So to prevent further damage to both the carpets and your belongings any sort of flooding that has occurred at your home or business should be attended to promptly. Our carpet cleaning company can come to the rescue any time or day of the week, we use the best drying equipment along with our extensive knowledge in the industry, 

To ensure your wet carpets are dried properly and correctly, our team will remove both the carpet and underlay and select an appropriate drying method before discussing further options with you. Call us immediately when water damage or flooding has occurred and we'll help provide a prompt solution.

Emergency flood restoration services, 24/7

There's no avoiding when a flood can occur in your property, it can happen any time, day or night and without warning.

That's where WOW Carpet Cleaning can help!

Don't wait until the next working day to try to remedy the problem, you can contact us any time of the day or night for an emergency flood restoration service. We'll tend to your wet carpets promptly, and ensure the affected areas are made safe before commencing work.

As well as Flood Restoration, we provide Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Commercial Carpet Cleaning throughout Nelson, Richmond and Motueka.

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